Saturday, August 25, 2012


My intention for Thursday was to go to the gym and use the elliptical.  I got home from work, I was kind of tired and my condo is a disaster.  I quickly talked myself out of the elliptical.  I justified that with the fact that run #3 was scheduled for Friday and so was lunch time work boot camp.  Instead, I tackled the laundry, the dishes, the kitchen, the litterbox, and the television :)

Friday, boot camp was tough but I did more of it than I did the week before only modifying a couple things (ie jump squats became squats for the last two rounds).  My friend Nicole and the instructor noticed that I did better than I had the week before and everyone in the change room was talking about how they thought this week's class was harder.  Thank goodness it's "casual Friday" because I was looking pretty casual in the afternoon.  No way was my hair coming out of that wet ponytail!!

Disclaimer: that is not my ass.
My plan was to do run #3 right after work.  I got home, made the mistake of sitting down and then telling myself I'd do it Saturday morning.  Hmmm... here's how it starts.  By 8:20 pm, I was annoyed with myself.  I didn't work out Thursday because I was doing two on Friday and now I was bailing on the run??  As soon as I get into the habit of bailing, it snowballs, then all of a sudden, I'm just someone who doesn't work out.  Then it's hard to get started again.  I thought of that poster<<<<.  I jumped up right then, threw on my stuff and was at the Y by 8:30.  I did the scheduled run and after taking my photographic evidence at the end of the 30 minute mark, I walked another 1/2 mile just to cool down some.  I just had to remind myself that for me, the starting part is the hardest part and if I keep starting over, I have to keep doing the hardest part over & over.  I don't want to do that!!

Last night when I got home from the run, I was hungry.  I'd had supper though earlier and I really didn't  NEED to eat.  I stayed up a little while longer but then finally decided that if I wasn't going to have something to eat, I should get my butt to bed.  I woke up hungry this morning and decided I needed something hearty and filling.  I almost made pancakes but then thought it had been a REALLY LONG TIME since I had oatmeal.  I worked off of this recipe for overnight oats from Oh She Glows.  I used quick oats and cooked them in unsweetened almond milk.  While cooking, I added some chia seeds, cinnamon, & vanilla.  I only had some frozen fruit so I sliced half a frozen banana and tossed in some frozen blueberries and topped with a little maple syrup.  I could not believe how freaking delicious this was.  I already know I'm having it for breakfast tomorrow too.  It was so damn good.  

So my goal for this weekend . . . I want to ride my bike today.  My bike is sad and lonely and feeling useless.  It's not living up to its destiny.  And tomorrow morning, I'm going to start Week 2 of the running.  The suggested date is Monday but I think Sunday morning and Monday evening are far enough apart that I can do the first two runs of Week 2.  

Hope everyone had a great week!  And have a great weekend!!


  1. Haha I hope you let your bike live to the fullest tomorrow! I can totally talk myself out of a work out so easily. Love that poster!

  2. Love the saying, and I laughed out loud at your disclaimer ;)
    I've been on an overnight oats kick much of the summer. I haven't tried Angela's but have been working through all the flavors of The Yummy Life's recipes. SO GOOD! Way to kick it into hight gear! That app looks like a great one!

    1. What???? You mean you didn't automatically ASSume that that was my ASS? I've never heard of The Yummy Life. Qu'est-ce que c'est?