Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not a Dreadmill Yet!

Random Weigh In: 205.2 -- down 1.8 lbs.  Oh Onederland -- come to mama!

Went to boot camp again yesterday.  It was good.  I made it a little further than I did last time.  There's a warm up and cool down and twelve stations and you do each for a minute, THREE TIMES.  Last week, I skipped my last 5 stops and grabbed a mat and did push-ups and ab work in the corner for the last five minutes.  This time I stayed on the circuits, however I skipped the burpees the last two rounds and opted to do extra planks.  I DESPISE burpees.  I was exhausted and I didn't really want to go for a bit but I knew Nicole would go if would go and vice-versa so we went!  So happy too.  I actually downed 2 litres of water during that class.

On the way home, I just kept thinking Subway.  But then decided that if I tossed a gardenburger on the stove, I could be eating in ten minutes.  Pretty much less time than it would take for me to get my sweaty red-faced self to Subway and order and home again. This loaded gardenburger and coleslaw was so tasty that I thought about it for an hour afterward.

I left work a little early today because I had my appointment with the insurance company to do the estimate on the damage to my car.  $1200!!!  Insane.  Thank goodness for a $200 deductible with the chance that the other party will have to pay it.  After that appointment, I went right to the autobody place to book an appointment to have the work done.  They offer courtesy cars for free but the deductible on their courtesy cars is $500 so if something happens to it while I have it, $500.  No thanks.  I have a bus pass and a bike.  I'll do without the chance to spend another $500. They could get me in next week but I opted to wait till next month.  I will be out of town for 6 days so I'm dropping it off before I leave. Less days car-less!  

After that, I grabbed my stuff and headed to the Y for run #2!  I started off in the exercise studio with some skipping, a barbell and some free weights.  I did 3 sets of 12 each: chest presses, chest flys (flies?), skull crushers (triceps exericse), lateral raises, shoulder press, upright row, back flys (flies?).  Then I headed to the treadmill, again, not going to do it when it's this hot & humid out.  Before you call me a wimp, you can meet me outside in -40 with my frozen eyelashes.  My run went really well.  In the middle though, my heart rate was pretty high and I was really out of breath so I slowed my walking minutes from 3.8 mph to 3.5 mph and left my running minutes at 5.5 mph.  I didn't want the distance to be too much less than it was for the same time on Monday so during the cooldown minutes at the end, I actually added another running minute and cranked it up to 6.0 mph, whoop whoop!  And I didn't fall off or die!

And lastly . . .Katie over at Runs for Cookies and other inspiring people could be featured in a documentary called From Fat to Finish IF it gets funded on Kickstarter so we need everyone's help, even if you only do $5 but really, it would be great to just pre-order the DVD.  The beauty of Kickstarter is that if they don't meet their amount you don't get charged.  You lose nothing for trying.  If it gets to the goal, you get the package you pledged for.  WIN WIN!!!  It's not a risk!  It looks amazing.  So go have a look at their Kickstarter page and watch the preview video.  I think that this weight loss and lifestyle blogging community has what it takes to make this happen!!  The preview gives me goosebumps so I can't imagine how awesome the whole feature would be.


  1. Congrats on the loss and great job on your run!!

  2. Woo hoo...your march to Onederland is going to be epic! I'm going to enjoy reading about it along the way. Hey...where's your treadmill video? JK :)

    1. Bahahaha!! As soon as I figure out how to upload it right, it's on here.

  3. Woo-hoo great run and loss!! Your veggie burger looks drool worthy!!