Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's Going Down!!

Let's talk about the scale --- I have a love/hate relationship with the scale.  I know many say that you need to go by the way clothes fit.  I do to an extent.  I find that sometimes at this size there are 10 - 20 pounds that need to go before I move down a size or start to see a real difference in my clothes.  This is why the scale is important, when I weigh myself and I see that I've gone down a pound or two pounds or three pounds, I feel awesome and it gives me a little motivation to carry me for the next few days.  I see those results on the scale but don't yet see them in my clothes.

When I was doing WW and I'd go to the meeting and weigh in, it was always so tense.  Because that was THE DAY that I wanted to be down.  If I weighed myself at home and noticed I wasn't yet down, I'd curb my eating or barely eat the day of and knock off the water around noon so I'd be my lightest possible by the time of the evening meeting.  Then after the meeting I'd be starving and I'd be lying if I said that a drive-thru wasn't involved.  What the hell kind of sense does that make???  I find I've been doing a little of the same in the past with just having to weigh-in myself on Mondays or Fridays or whenever THE DAY is.  So what I'm doing now in the name of consistency in my eating is not having a specific day.  I generally weigh myself a 2 - 3 times a week.  Always first thing in the morning, never any other time.  So any one of those days could be my weigh in.  And in this idea, I decided today I will weigh in.  The last time I updated my weight on this blog I was 208.4.  I know I got up to 211 - 212 in the last month.  So when I saw 207.0 yesterday, I was THRILLED!!  I even stepped back on to make sure and then this morning to make sure.  Yep, 207.0.  UPDATE the ticker!

I went to boot camp at the Y on Tuesday and yikes!  Twelve stations, one minute at each station, and do it three times.  I was wheezing.  But motivated enough to go back to the Y on Wednesday after work with my evil fit people friends.  I mentioned to Nicole that I wanted to do a Barbell Blast style workout like my favorite class.  When the rest of us arrived at the gym, she had our benches, free weights, barbells, mats, skipping ropes waiting for us and on we went.  Squats, lunges, skipping, plank, and every arm & shoulder exercise you can think of.  Felt great.  Proud of myself.  I have tomorrow (Friday) off so I'm going to go to the gym in the morning-ish.  My running clinic starts Monday evening and I'm really excited and really nervous.  My little chant being "please don't let me be the slowest".  I'm excited to have the schedule start.  Clinic Monday night, group runs Wed & Sun, boot camp on Tuesday.  And come September my favorite class starts again on Saturday mornings.  I love doing that class on Sat morning.  Gets me up and dressed and the day started.

Pad Thai from Happy Herbivore - if you're
adding stir fry veg - double the sauce.
Last Saturday morning, I woke up really early and couldn't fall back to sleep.  I decided to get up and tackle my fridge.  It's been plaguing me for weeks.  I knew there were plenty of containers of inedible food in there.  The fridge was full but it seemed there was nothing to eat.  After I cleaned it out, it looked empty.  But it also looked like it should when only one person lives here.  Immediately I started thinking that I should go grocery shopping but opted instead to see how long I could go WITHOUT a grocery store.  That was Saturday morning.  On Friday I'd picked up a few fresh things for salads.  It's now almost bed time on Thursday and I still haven't had to go to the store.  I've made every breakfast, lunch & supper.  With the exception of a few fresh fruits and veggies and some wraps, I will probably be able to make it another week.  How crazy is that!!!!  Clearly, I over shop.  And I cater way too much to cravings rather than what I've already purchased in the past.

Assembling my veggie and black bean wrap!
So I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing and cleaning out the fridge/freezer and going to the gym.  Meal planning and not letting a craving rule all.  It certainly helps the wallet too.  Hope everyone's having a great week!


  1. I saw on another blog the idea of weighing in everyday and taking the average for the week as the official weigh-in number. That could help with your THE DAY issue. Just a thought. :)

    1. That would be a good idea but it would take discipline for me to write down the average rather than the lowest number, hehe!

  2. the positive vibes! Can't wait until Barbell Blast is back too :)
    It's so true that you can easily get hung up with the numbers on the scale. Weighing yourself on a few days and taking the average (as suggested above) is a very good idea.
    Keep up the great work (and entertaining posts) and have an awesome weekend :)

  3. Random WI's are a great idea. I weigh in a few times a week but only mark it down once a week. It fluctuates so I don't worry about it. Especially when I'm eating good and excercising as I feel good!

    Bootcamp scares me! Brave girl~way to go! You will see the 1's again in no time!

    PS Is it just me or have these verification codes gotten ridiculous?! I have to refresh a few times just to figure out what it is! Gesh! LOL

    Aside from fresh stuff I'm trying to use up my groceries again too. I was doing good for a bit but now everything is stocking up again! No more non perishables until it's eaten!!

    1. Yes!!!! The verification codes have gotten awful!! i'm glad it's not just me. On average it takes me 3 -4 times to get it right. I didn't realize that I had them on my blog. I might take them off actually. Yesterday I went to leave a comment for someone and after my 4th try I gave up. Boooo.

  4. Ok, I added the PS to the end and it jumped up. Oops!!